About Us

Jake Hicks
Creative Director

Jake is a multi-disciplined creator with over ten years of experience in producing online content. He controls the entire creative process at Hicks2, from the initial conception to the moment we hit the publish button on your project.

Over the years, Jake has worked with everyone from small non-for-profits, to Glastonbury headliners and championship football teams.

Simon Hicks
Technical Director

Simon's journey in website development commenced at the tender age of 12, a time when snagging your desired domain for a mere £100 was a breeze.

With a plethora of experience under his belt, Simon has collaborated with leading UK agencies and renowned global brands. His expertise extends to holding various CTO and advisory roles spanning diverse sectors, including health tech startups, genetics, education, and government entities.

Renowned for his mastery in complex systems automation and integration, Simon boasts a track record of crafting solutions utilised by Nasdaq-listed companies.

Driven by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, Simon maintains a fondness for coding, forever loyal to tabs over spaces.