Brewed, designed and captured by the beach.

Tenby Brewing Co Photography

The Brief

Tenby Brewing Co. are renowned for their vibrant, expertly brewed craft beers. Whether a light and refreshing NEIPA or a dark and smokey rum porter, each can is bursting with character.

Founders Rob and James tasked us with creating a series of product photos that portrayed the experience of cracking open one of their signature beers while maintaining their signature style.

The Response

We captured images of their core lineup in all of its thirst-clenching glory. Using a mixture of bright colours, water textures, and in some cases, real fire to bring the flavour profiles front and centre.

Tenby Brewing Co.’s founders, Rob and James, doing a little bit of everything around the brewery.

What did we do?

Creative Direction

Working with a loose brief is where we thrive! Co-Founder and Creative Director, Jake Hicks, worked with Rob and James to bring the character of their products to life. Even singeing a few eyebrow hairs in the process...


As always, we shot, directed and edited every photo across the entire project, providing the client with a package of full-quality images for future use in their branded goods.

Content Distribution

On behalf of Tenby Brewing Co, we distributed the content across their social media channels to help keep their online presence fresh and exciting for their customers.